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New Exhibit Opens Tactile Bosch Old Victorian Buildings Andrews Road Cardiff Sept. 22nd - Oct. 21st

Addiction: How Many Steps?
Old Victorian Buildings Andrews Rd Cardiff Sep 22 nd - Oct 21 st

The second of 3 exhibitions; How Many Steps to…ADDICTION @ tactile BOSCH - takes us from sketch to installation before Dark Victory reveals the final outcome in November 07…asking how long does it take this addiction & how does it manifest itself inside the social order through installation?

I nstallation is made up from multiple disciplines including sculpture, architecture, new media and performance. The many facets of historical and contemporary art have exercised their influence.

The integration of different disciplines including science, technology and architecture has resulted in a new way of exploring and engaging with art resulting in a hybrid discipline.

As a universal term, Installation, incorporates a broad domain of practice within contemporary art, transcending the notion of exhibition / plinth to become a more sophisticated and engaging response to the concept of audience participation and the interaction between things and their contexts.

For the show “ How Many Steps… “ tactile BOSCH has drawn together a select group of multi disciplined artists whose diverse and experimental approach will undoubtedly provoke, inspire and question the complex & multi-faceted notions that make up ADDICTION .

e.g. Teresa Mills ' Lost Object of Desire refers to…

‘The term addiction eludes to the situation where drug procurement and administration appear to govern the individual's behavior, and where the substance seems to dominate the individual's motivational hierarchy.

Two features that distinguish addiction from other behaviors are its extreme motivational strength and its motivational toxicity.

Motivational strength refers to how hard the individual will work to obtain the substance, while motivational toxicity describes the substance's ability to disrupt the individual's normal motivations' (

How many Steps? Allows each artist full reign to augment, gestate & conceptually breath life into the fabric of the Old Victoria Buildings that house tactile BOSCH. Walls are removed, newly ventilated areas created, attics enhanced all to express that compelling process to produce new work…its obsessive!

The exhibition will be opened @ tactile BOSCH on Sat 22 nd Sept @ 6.30pm with the help of Mr Michael Tooby – Director of the National Galleries & Museum of Wales.

& includes: Tasos Asprou, Phil Babot, Matt Blackler, Samantha Cross, Mr & Mrs Clarke, Andrew Cooper, Ed Elliot, Simon Fenoulhet, Kim Fielding, Tom Harrup, Alison Harris, Richard Higlett, Shani Rhys James, Neil Jefferies, Michael Murray, Teresa Mills, MelvilleMitchell, Jason Pinder, Dave Shepherd, Matt Skelley & Oliver Townsend.

With special guests Endangered Andy Taylor & the Heavy Quartet

NB: NB : In addition – LAPSE - an evening of LiveArt is scheduled for Tues 16 th Oct starting @ 7pm . Designed as a preview for Experimentica 07 [starting @ CHAPTER Arts Centre on Wed 17 th Oct] LAPSE showcases emerging, experimental LIVEart within the frame Addiction… How Many Steps?

LAPSE in time with Tim Bromage, Nezakret Ekici, Beth Greenough, Sam Hassler Rufus Orsborne, Rachel Parry, Karl Price & his Dutchness - Joost Nieuwenburg - LAPSE kick-starts @ 7– 11pm on 16 th Oct [Yep! that's a Tuesday!]

The results of these conceptual explorations can be seen in situ @ tactile BOSCH inside The Old Victorians Buildings , Andrews Rd, Llandaff North, Cardiff, UK [CF14 2JP] from 22 nd Sept - Oct 21 st 2007

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t. studio on +44 [0] 7951 256255 / [0] 7811 387922

Addiction is supported by:

Arts Council of Wales - National Probation Service –

National Museum & Galleries of Wales - 10/10 Architects - copyhousewales

University of Glamorgan – HOS Construction

CIRIC – VisibleArt - - Regan Fine Art Printers

Taylor Fine Art Framers - Beacon Printers & UWIC.
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Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff
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