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Robert Carlyle stars in Justin Kerrigan's feature film 'I Know you Know' Now Shooting in Bridgend and Port Talbot, Welsh Valleys

[Pictured above: Emmy nominee Robert Carlyle stars in Justin Kerrigan's newest film currently being shoot in South Wales.]

Emmy nominee Robert Carlyle, who found fame in 'The Full Monty' and 'Trainspotting' and whose credits have since included 'Carla's Song', 'The World is Not Enough' and '28 weeks later' is currently filming Cardiff born, Justin Kerrigan's new feature film 'I Know you Know' in Bridgend, and Port Talbot.

Carlyle takes the lead role of Charlie in the coming of age drama, in which a boy relishes the excitement and challenge of his father's espionage work; until the 'spy game' turns real.

Jamie, a young teenager, is fascinated by his father Charlie's espionage work until the world of spies becomes all too real.

Charlie lives in his own reality—an undercover agent, always on an important mission, always on the move.

Life for Charlie is highly charged and on the edge.

He is unpredictable, explosive, yet kind hearted and fiercely protective of his Jamie who hero-worships his father until he slowly begins to understand that his father is occupying a quite different reality.

Making his screen debut alongside Carlyle as Jamie is Cardiff school boy, Arron Fuller who was picked to play Carlyle's son in the movie.

The 13 year-old is a pupil at lady Mary Secondary School, Cardiff.

Kerrigan is best known for his 1999 hit 'Human Traffic' for which, amidst several other awards, he won a BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Director and was nominated for a Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer at the BAFTA 2000 awards in London.

Human Traffic Trailer -- Miramax Films

Kerrigan is working alongside the experienced and award winning producer Sally Hibbin of Screen East sponsored Parallax Independent, whose extensive list of credits include 'Yasmin'.

'Liam' starring Ian Hart and 'Carla's Song' that was directed by Ken Loach and starred Robert Caryle. He also appeared in her 1990 hit 'Riff Raff', winner of the Cannes Critics prize.

'I Know you Know' has the financial backing of the Film Agency for Wales, on behalf of the Arts Council of Wales National Lottery and the Wales Creative IP Fund, managed by Finance Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, in association with Limelight, Post Republic and the Screen East Content Investment Fund.

Worldwide sales are being handled by LA based, The Little Film Company, helmed by the acclaimed sales agent, Robbie Little.

[Pictured above:Pauline Burt, Chief Executive of the Film Agency for Wales]

Pauline Burt, Chief Executive of the Film Agency said:

"We operate our lottery finance as a talent fund rather than a location fund, placing a particular focus on Welsh born and/or resident writers, directors and producers.

We have been involved in the development of Justin's feature, which is close to his heart and for which he has a particular and engaging vision, and we are delighted to additionally contribute significantly to the production financing to help get this film made.

The Twang - Two Lovers -- Also directed by Justin Kerrigan

This story is original, touching, evocative and has, in our opinion, the potential to travel at an international level and put Justin firmly back on the talent map for filmmakers of international repute.

Additionally of course, we hope that the film can be a showcase for a previously undiscovered talent, in the form of Arron Fuller."

"This is one of seven features that we're currently supporting with production finance – each of which is distinctive, and we have a further 15 features in development, each of which have key Welsh talent that we're keen to platform to the wider film industry."

Linda James of the Wales Creative IP Fund, said:

"The commercial potential of 'I Know You Know' as a film destined for a global marketplace is a reflection of its star power with Robbie Carlyle in the lead, and the talents of Cardiff-born writer/director, Justin Kerrigan, and producer, Sally Hibbin.

We are delighted to have been instrumental in the film happening and from the footage that has been shot to date, It already looks to be a jewel.

"The export potential of projects, the inward investment to Wales and the development of Wales' Creative Industries all feature in the investments made by the Wales Creative IP Fund."

"The film is the 15th investment made by the £7million Wales Creative IP Fund which has invested £4.7million million since it was established in May 2005."

"We would like to acknowledge the support of CIRIC at Swansea Institute and in particular two of their staff Chris Buxton and Chris Holtom.

CIRIC supports economic development in the Objective One area of Wales through their support of creative practitioners. They have been a huge help," finished Sally Hibbin.

CIRIC is funded by The Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), Swansea Institute and private sector finance to re-invigorate the creative industries sector within Wales.

The Film Agency for Wales is funded by the Arts Council for Wales, the UK Film Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, via Creative Business Wales, the latter of which was set up to support, encourage and increase the range and number of films being produced in Wales and to foster the abundance of creative talent in Wales.

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