Friday, 13 April 2007

S4C Promises to Awaken to Potential of U.K., American Welsh Diaspora Audiences

CELTIC MEDIA FESTIVAL 29 March 2007: From the Keynote Speech by Iona Jones, Chief Executive, S4C

"The 2001 Census showed that there are 158,000 Welsh speakers living outside Wales in the UK. So our contribution should not be limited to sustaining the Welsh language and culture exclusively in Wales. It should be available to the Welsh Diaspora and those with an interest in high quality original content.

"TG4’s obligation to reach the Irish Diaspora highlights the need to promote the diversity of culture which is provided by indigenous language broadcasters, throughout the UK and beyond.

"We believe that we should be available to the public across all of the major platforms throughout the UK and have requested the BBC and DCMS to consider post switchover carriage of our public services throughout the UK.

"Ultimately, our ambition is global. We are aware that there is a market for S4C content abroad and for promoting and reflecting a modern Wales throughout the world. For example, S4C programmes were sold to more than 30 countries during 2006 alone.

"Subject to rights clearances and the requirements of our content providers, convergence allows this to become a reality through the opening up of new digital opportunities. Last year, our website, featuring coverage of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, received over 707,000 hits from around the world.

"Our recent call to arms for the Jones’ of the world to come together to break a world record saw us reaching, through press coverage, 27 million North Americans. It also saw participants from the US, Australia and beyond visiting Wales for the first time to enjoy our unique cultural heritage. What’s more we are now in the Guinness Book of Records!"

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Anonymous said...

brilliant. how about internet tv in welsh?

Mark Leslie Woods said...

Nice to have some good news, huh?