Sunday, 4 February 2007

Yourview and MotionBox Offer Video Tagging Function

So the current topic is the 'folksonomies' which will hug the multi-media (audio-visual) database's metadata periphery:
The purpose of the tagging is to create a social input mechanism, as well as user-originating contributions to the valuation process of the films within the database. Two new software programs Yourview, and MotionBox, allow this internal tagging, which could be used to flag 'best scenes' favorite scenes' or other subject sub-categories.

David Weinberger, from Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, is quoted in a BBC article titled 'Tagging 'takes off for web users' . Weinberger says, 'Tagging allows social groups to form around similarities of interests and points of view'.

It's in this context of this 'social function' of the tagging process which Weinberger problematizes in his own webblog, Joho. Weinberger is unsure whether it's possible for the user to make the crucial 'social' contribution, or if the software privileges the adminstrator, alone.

The experimental prototype of the BBC Programe Catalogue will eventually be forced to consider the interactive possibilities of letting users 'rate' their content, and even expand that content, as users already do at IMDB and the rapidly-growing but content wobbly Wikiland and her integrated suzerain of virtual clones and mimics.

In his webblog, Weinberger is on topic with his question;"We can already tag videos, of course. But how about being able to tag the good parts?" David Weinberger's weblog at

BBC NEWS Service article: 'Tagging 'takes off for web users' at


Mark Leslie Woods said...

If you feel left out of this 'Web 2.0' chatter, about the imminent, integrated and self-reflexive 'semantic' matrix which is evolving on-line, then check out this Pew Internet Project primer aritcle on Web 2.0 . . .
Please see:

Matthew said...

Hi Mark,

Interesting blog- ironically, I have just come out of film school, but have been working for YourView for nearly two years during my studies, so worlds collide and all that...we have released a desktop application which demostrates the video tagging...its available for $29.99 USD from Have a look and see what you think,